Useful Documents and Websites

Document/Website link
NHS England National Programme of Care Trauma
NHS England Clinical Reference Group Major Trauma
Massive Blood loss Survey 2013 report Survey of Massive Blood loss
Network MDT Proforma (Draft) Trauma MDT Proforma
Steps Summary (Rehab) NoECCN ICUSteps Progress Report 30 12 14 doc LKD
Network Rehab Directory NTN Trauma Rehab Directory (updated August 2015)
Transforming Rehab document Transforming Trauma Rehab
Regional Paed Report – Severe Injury in Children Severe Injury in Children – TARN
Network Rehab Prescription Template NTN Rehabilitation Prescription (Final)
NTN Work plan 2015-16 NTN Work Plan
NTN Governance Framework NTN Governance Framework
Incident Reporting Form NTN Trauma Incident Form 2014 Final