Trauma Executive Group

The purpose of the NTS Executive Group is to provide strategic direction to improving the care and equity of service provision for people experiencing trauma across the North East and North Cumbria. The main aims and objectives of the group are to:

  • Work across the whole pathway: prevention; immediate treatment; secondary treatment; and rehabilitation
  • Provide leadership and innovation in trauma services delivery
  • Promote equity across the NTS
  • Define the specific objectives to which the NTS should work
  • Ensure Major Trauma Centres and Trauma Units are validated through a self-assessment and peer review process
  • Work closely with partner organisations on strategic issues relating to the trauma workforce, training and education
  • Compare performance against agreed standards to monitor and evaluate service provision.
  • Undertake service reviews of existing services, in particular where indicators show that performance on outcomes is below average.
  • Work closely with other clinical networks and modernisation streams that may have common ground in terms of reviewing patient pathways, and resolving bottlenecks in the pathway, to achieve continuous service improvement
  • Identify research and educational needs and opportunities

Membership of the group is by invitation only.