Trauma CAG

The purpose of the NTS Clinical Advisory Group is to provide a regional clinical forum for those interested and working in the field of trauma. The main aims and objectives of the group are to:

  • The CAG is an integral part of the governance arrangements for the Northern Trauma System. The CAG will ensure clinical leadership and expertise underpins the ongoing development of the System.
  • The CAG will inform the development of the Trauma Networks and support the commissioning of high quality, evidence based, clinically effective services.
  • CAG members will be expected to act as ambassadors of the Trauma System communicating the rationale for change to relevant audiences and providing leadership on implementation across the Networks. CAG members will be required to make recommendations which are based on a balanced view of the full picture and not only reflective of their professional group or employing organisation’s individual context.
  • The CAG will develop a broad programme of work that responds to the key national recommendations
  • The CAG will oversee the development of safe and efficient patient pathways to allow optimum outcomes in major trauma;
  • The CAG will provide clinical expertise and leadership for specific Trauma System projects.
  • Engage with other professional networks to inform and support the Trauma System in terms of reviewing patient pathways, and resolving bottlenecks in the pathway, to achieve continuous service improvement
  • Work across the whole pathway: prevention; immediate treatment; secondary treatment; and rehabilitation
  • Promote equity across the NTS
  • Support validation of Major Trauma Centres and Trauma Units through a self-assessment and peer review process
  • Work closely with partner organisations on issues relating to the trauma workforce, training and education
  • Compare and openly discuss performance against agreed standards to monitor and evaluate service provision.
  • Support service reviews of existing services, in particular where indicators show that performance on outcomes is below average
  • Identify research and educational needs and opportunities

Membership of the group is open to those with an interest and working in the field of trauma