Self-Management (Neurological Conditions)

Chair: Dr Nicola Chater, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine / Network Clinical Lead for Neurological Conditions

Due to a substantial reduction in funding for the Clinical Networks this year, we have been directed to focus on a reduced number of national priorities. Neurological conditions is not one of our 2016/17 priorities and as such we are unable to provide administrative or project management support to the Self-Management (Neurological Conditions) Group.

We want to take this opportunity to commend the work of this group between the period 2013 – 2016 and we have compiled a document of their achievements which is available via the link below. The group continues to meet and contacts can be provided if required.

Neurological Conditions Legacy Document


Improving the ability of people with neurological conditions to self-manage and lead fulfilling lives is a strong local priority among stakeholders. This piece of work will be driven by Neuro Forums to facilitate services to support people to self-manage their lifestyle and condition successfully. It is envisaged that a set of broad, flexible standards will be developed, which can be tailored and applied to each specialist service to meet their specific needs.


  • Develop a set of regionally agreed standards, using learning from existing local and national standards and guidance documents.
  • Engage stakeholders from all sectors (health, local authority, voluntary and independent) to agree common areas for improvement.
  • Use standards to benchmark existing services across the region (longer-term aim, it is envisaged this will be provider- or commissioner-led).
  • Reduce dependency on health services and improve access to more mainstream community and support services


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