Neuro Rehabilitation Group

Chair: Dr Nicola Chater / Dr Paul Goldsmith, Consultant in Rehab Medicine, NTW NHS FT / Consultant Neurologist, Newcastle Hospitals NHS FT

Due to a substantial reduction in funding for the Clinical Networks this year, we have been directed to focus on a reduced number of national priorities. Neurological conditions is not one of our 2016/17 priorities and as such we are unable to provide administrative or project management support to the Neuro Rehabilitation Group.

We want to take this opportunity to commend the work of this group between the period 2013 – 2016 and we have compiled a document of their achievements which is available via the link below. The group continues to meet and contacts can be provided if required.

Neurological Conditions Legacy Document

The purpose of the group is to bring together representatives with an interest in Neuro Rehabilitation from across the Network. Members of the group are responsible for implementing changes and service development within their own areas and teams.  Therefore it is expected that individuals on the group should be of sufficiently senior level to be responsible for ensuring any actions that need to be implemented by them and/or their teams are carried out.  Members must also ensure that representation and communication is maintained between the locality teams.


  1. To provide a forum for specialists involved in rehabilitation across the neuro rehabilitation pathway.
  2. To review national guidelines and identify current gaps in neuro rehabilitation and to develop ways to work towards bridging these gaps.
  3. To improve health and quality of life for people with neurological conditions.
  4. To work collaboratively with other clinical networks to share best practice and avoid duplication of work.
  5. To consider proposals for service improvement.
  6. Link into local groups to keep abreast of developments locally.
  7. To ensure commissioners are linked into the process.
  8. To effectively communicate and respond to specific requests of the Northern England Strategic Clinical Network Neuro Advisory Group and wider stakeholders providing or commissioning neuro-rehabilitation services.


6 October 2015Download
Meeting Minutes
6 October 2015Download