CFS/ME Network

An estimated one per cent of the population is affected by CFS/ME – approximately thirty thousand people in the north east and North Cumbria. It is the single biggest cause of long term absence from schools amongst children and young people. Fatigue is a factor in 25 per cent of GP consultations and the main reason for presentation in 6.5 per cent.

The network launched in 2004 with funding from the Department of Health (DH) as part of the national response to the chief medical officer’s 2002 report on the provision of CFS/ME services in England.

There are five NHS specialist CFS/ME services in the north east and North  Cumbria as well as practitioners working with CFS/ME and fatigue in primary, secondary and tertiary care across the spectrum of health disciplines and specialties.

The aim of the network is to promote and support the delivery of high quality research and evidence-based services for CFS/ME in the north east and North Cumbria in conjunction with other agencies by bringing together key players across the geographical area to agree approaches to specialist service provision, investment decisions and developments. The network aims to engage clinicians and other professionals and support them in education, training, innovation and delivery.

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