Older People’s Mental Health and Dementia Network

Clinical Lead – Dr Karen Franks

The Older People’s Mental Health (OPMH) and Dementia Network is engaged in delivering a range of projects which form its work plan.

There is an OPMH & Dementia Network Group, which meets regularly and is chaired by Dr Karen Franks, NECN Clinical Lead for OPMH & Dementia.

The purpose of the OPMH & Dementia Network Group is to advise on all aspects of OPMH and dementia and provide a Network response to pertinent issues, spearheading and effecting change across the Network region by partnership working. In addition they will identify variation in mental health related outcomes for older people and people with dementia within the Network region by making best use of information available, such as soft intelligence, National Audits, and the priorities identified by the National Clinical Director.

Also, the group will create and maintain an active work programme that will be reviewed at each meeting to measure progress. Crucial to the implementation of this programme will be engagement of local clinicians and other stakeholders in the local health and social care economy.

Finally this group will engage with and help to drive the process of moving towards a North East and North Cumbria (NENC) Integrated Care System for Mental Health.


Dementia in Intellectual Disability Disorder – diagnosis and management information for GPs

Useful resources for accessing dementia data and statistics:

Dementia Atlas

Interactive tool for 65+ estimated diagnosis rate

NHS Digital Recorded Dementia Diagnoses

Public Health England Dementia Profile

Dementia Data and Analysis – a guide for health professionals (Public Health England)


Preventing and managing delirium is a national priority which is supported by the NICE Quality Standards.

Latest guidance for hospitals can be found on the NHS England website.

The Network is also very supportive of the #icanpreventdelirium collaboration of local organisations and their work. You can learn more about it via this YouTube video.

And the full suite of resources can be found here.

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