Healthy Lifestyles, Harm Reduction Group

Chair: Suzanne Thompson, Network Manager, Northern England Clinical Networks
Vice Chair: Claire Sullivan, Public Health Consultant in Health Improvement, Public Health England


The first healthy lifestyles steering group was established to undertake a specific programme of work to promote and support smoking cessation for mental health service users, where possible, or harm reduction through nicotine management as an alternative to smoking.

Reducing premature death in people with a serious mental illness (SMI) has been identified as a national priority and as smoking contributes to 80% of this increased mortality, the group chose this topic as their first work stream. In addition, smoking rates amongst patients with a SMI are twice as high as for the average population.

The Northern England Clinical Networks are working jointly with Public Health England, Fresh and local public health teams to take this work forward.


  • To bring the health outcomes of people with a SMI in line with those of the general population
  • To focus on tobacco, including tackling issues of culture and nicotine management, using a recovery based holistic approach
  • To ensure that all patients with a SMI in the region have access to appropriate support to help them tackle their smoking addiction and to work specifically with the Mental Health Trusts to take forward action.


Final evaluation of the introduction of Smokefree policies in two NE Trusts (Executive Summary)

Final evaluation of the introduction of Smokefree policies in two NE Trusts (Full Report)


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30 November 2015 Middlesbrough Evaluation ReportDownload
11 November 2015 Newcastle event evaluation reportDownload
30 April 2015 Smoke Free Mental Health Trusts Evaluation ReportDownload
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