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Diabetes UK Information Prescription Update

Information prescriptions are a tool for healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to use together to understand and improve on their health targets through joint decision making and self-management. They include actions to reduce the risk of complications, and a section for setting individualised behavioural change goals, needed to meet these health targets.

The Information Prescriptions are targeted at people with diabetes who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or high HbA1c.

Four new information prescriptions were launched during the DUKPC in March 2017. These cover:

Diabetes, contraception and pregnancy
Diabetes and keeping your kidneys healthy
Diabetes and kidney disease
Diabetes and mood

A footcare information prescription is also to be developed.
Full information is available here.

Quality Improvement in Specialist Diabetes Care

The NDA has published a new resource to support quality improvement activity in specialist diabetes care which can be downloaded from