Network Intelligence

We are in the process of collating relevant local information relating to the various specialisms within this network but below you can see some national statistics which may be useful.

National Diabetes Audit

National Diabetes Audit 2015-2016: Report 1, Care Processes and Treatment Targets (Published January 2017)

National Diabetes Footcare Audit

National Diabetes Audit and Diabetes Prevention Study

National Diabetes In-patient Audit

Patient Experience of Diabetes Services

NHS Digital

My NHS Year End Assessment of CCGs 2015/16

National Public Health Profiles for Diabetes

National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network (NCVIN)

National Diabetes Transition Audit

The National Diabetes Transition Audit (NDTA) report was published on 23rd June 2017 and can be accessed here.

This is the first NDTA report, which has been developed from linking the adult audit data with the paediatric data. It provides key findings and recommendations on care processes and treatment targets from 2003-4 to 2014-15 in age groups 12-24 years in England and Wales.

National Diabetes Insulin Pump Audit

This audit was published on 13th July 2017 and covers the period 2015-16.

National Diabetes Complications and Mortality Reports

NDA Complications and Mortality reports. There are 2 reports: 2a is the ‘standard’ Complications and Mortality report; 2b is new analysis, which starts to investigate long term associations between disease outcomes and care processes.

NHS RightCare Pathway for Diabetes

NHS RightCare, in partnership with Healthier You, has produced a clinically led pathway for diabetes. The pathway highlights the high-level overarching national case for change, best practice pathway for diabetes; and best practice case studies for elements of the pathway demonstrating what to change, how to change and the scale of improvement. This uses the evidence-base, clinical interventions, information on the risk conditions, and potential opportunities for improvement for use by local health economies when commissioning services. Local health economies may find it useful during the ‘What to Change’ phase of their RightCare work.