Dedicated Cardiology Transport Project

In November 2016 the North East Urgent and Emergency Care Network identified an element of financial slippage within Vanguard funded projects. Following a request for bids agreement was reached to fund a dedicated transport service to and from PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) centres for patients diagnosed with NSTEMI (non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction). This was designed to assist in meeting NICE Quality Standard 68 (intervention at a specialist centre with 24/72 hours following diagnosis).

Two paramedic crews were commissioned to work directly with units at James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough and Freeman Hospital, Newcastle. These crews have worked directly for each unit transferring patients to PCI Centres from District Hospitals. This project was funded via Vanguard monies from January until March 2017.

The project has been successful in providing a level of service to meet the needs of this patient group across the cardiovascular network with varying models being employed in the north and south of the region. The project has demonstrated the differing needs of the individual units and work will be needed to refine future service developments to meet these needs.

Regular reviews of the service have been done via teleconferencing involving unit staff, cardiovascular network, provider staff and UEC network project team.

The project has provided proof of concept for the network and evaluation reports will be shared with the two PCI units. As UEC Vanguard funding from NHS England ends on 31st March 2017 unit managers are now considering the best approach to progress with this concept for each area.

If you require any further information regarding this project please contact David Merriweather, Project Manager