Skin Chemotherapy Protocols & Prescriptions

Blank Chemotherapy Prescriptions

Included are blank chemocare regimen specific prescription files to be used as a part of local Trust contingency plan if the Chemocare Network Systems are not available.

Network Chemocare Blank Skin Prescription templates zip folder Last updated XX.XX.XX (will be uploaded Autumn 2016)

Chemotherapy Protocols

The documents below are the NHS England, Area Team’s approved protocols for the management of patients receiving chemotherapy for Skin Cancers.  All prescribing, preparation, dispensing and administration of chemotherapy should be within a framework of safe practice. Documents to support this framework are available from theNetwork Chemotherapy Group pages

Note many of these protocols have past the review date, so must be used with caution – a plan will be implemented to update the protocols to match the Network Chemocare Protocols in autumn 2016/spring 2017.


No Regime Name Valid Until Protocol Prescription
NCDF Dabrafenib for Melanoma October 2016 Download
NICE Ipilimumab June 2016 Download
S16 003 Pembrolizumab March 2021 Download
S16 004 Nivolumab September 2021 Download