Chemotherapy Expert Advisory Group

Chair: Steve Williamson, Consultant Pharmacist, Northumbria Healthcare FT/ NHS England

Role and Purpose of Expert Advisory Group

The EAG are multi-disciplinary forums for site specific cancers or for cross cutting themes; with representation from professionals across the specific cancer care pathway. They involve users in their planning and review; and have the active engagement of all the multidisciplinary leads from the service providers across the North East and North Cumbria.

The EAG act as a group to provide expert clinical advice to commissioners and others to influence best possible practice across the region.

The EAG aims to:

  • agree a set of clinical guidelines and patient pathways to support the delivery of high quality equitable services across the region
  • Use available ┬ádata to consider where there may be unwarranted variation and recommend corrective action where necessary
  • use service evaluations by patients and carers to make improvements
  • monitor progress on meeting national cancer standards and ensure improvements are implemented
  • review and discuss identified risks/untoward incidents to ensure learning is spread
  • agree a common approach to research and service development.


The chemotherapy regimen protocols can be located within each individual Expert Advisory Group pages.

Information regarding The Cancer Drugs Fund can be found at:

Upcoming Events

11th March 2019 @ 1:30 pmChemotherapy EAGView Event
23rd September 2019 @ 1:30 pmChemotherapy EAG MeetingView Event


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Meeting Minutes
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Other Documents
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