Workshop 4 – The Role of Physical Activity in Improving Survivorship

Speakers:  Professor Jon Saxton, Professor in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Northumbria University
                  Leti Hawthorn, Specialist Exercise Consultant and Instructor, Health with Hawthorn


Lifestyle and cancer survivorship: how can we harness the “teachable moment”?

From our own Perceptions of Exercise to the Patient’s Perspective – creating a solution-based approach to embedding activity into the care pathway and beyond.

Professor John Saxton presentation can be found below and covers lifestyle factors and primary prevention, the quality of cancer survivorship and harnessing the teachable moments.

Leti Hawthorn a Specialist Exercise Consultant and Instructor led an interaction discuss in the room asking ‘what exercise personally meant’ and what are the barriers to exercise for a cancer patient.

The workshop discussed the Recovery Package and how physical activity can improve the outcome of those people living with and beyond cancer.

How can we make this more effective?

  • Electronic aids
  • Social prescribers
  • Expert patients

Physical activity, how do we get people interested?

  • We have to believe in the messages we are giving
  • If someone wants to learn they will/or they will find someone who can help them to learn
  • Help them see the value/benefits of exercise
  • Peer support – Buddy system

The group felt that

  • Sustainability was the real issue – exercise is not for everyone
  • A cultural shift was needed and it was about getting the balance right
  • We should educate and empower people to make better decisions
  • Exercise should be agreed not prescribed – empower the individual – it was about people doing it for themselves rather than having it done to them
  • Physical activity should be from clinic to community
  • We could learn from other LTCs for example Cardiac Rehabilitation (Peer support, Buddy system, Action plan).

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The Role of Physical Activity in Improving Survivorship – Jon Saxton



The comments and reponses to the evaluation of this workshop are highlighted below.

A selection of the comments in relation to the workshop:

  • Helpful – got me thinking about my own attitude to health/fitness
  • Very good, very ethusiastic presenters.  Gave us plenty to think about
  • Interaction and informaation was really good.  Enjoyed this session the best throughout the day
  • Excellent
  • Interactive, Relevant Interesting