Workshop 2 – Consequences of the Treatment Project – Virtual MDT

Speaker: Helen Rickard
Macmillan Cancer Support Project Team

This workshop was presented by Helen Rickard the Consequences of Treatment Project Manager for Macmillan Cancer Support.   Helen presented the data supporting the development of the vMDT project stating improved survival rates have increased the need for better services to support people living with and beyond cancer.   Her presentation outlines the ongoing second phase of this project and the vital information for practitioners to access this service.

Overview of workshop

The Macmillan virtual Multi-Disciplinary Team (vMDT) is a new, expert service which is being tested in partnership with The Christie. We know that around 625,000 people experience long-term consequences following their cancer treatment. Some of these are complex and highly debilitating and may benefit from expert advice from a range of specialties that may not be available locally.

The Macmillan vMDT is a secure online forum is designed to facilitate access to expert advice for your patients’ complex or severe chronic symptoms following cancer treatment. Referrals can come from registered healthcare professionals anywhere in the UK and will receive a response within three weeks, referring healthcare professionals select which advice to follow and maintain responsibility for their patient throughout.

For more information about the vMDT, including referral criteria, the history and background of the project or to browse the FAQs, please visit


Workshop Presentation

Consequences of Treatment Project – Virtual MDT – Helen Rickard


The comments and reponses to the evaluation of this workshop are highlighted below.


A selection of the comments in relation to the workshop:

  • Very interesting project, look forward to using this
  • Hope this takes off – will be excellent for our patients
  • Excellent – needs to be expanded to GPs and patients
  • With Macmillan developing local authority projects how can social care professionals access this also