Thank you to all who completed the event evaluation form, nearly 500 comments was record. A selection of the comments received, both positive and negative are being shared. Overall the comments were very varied and positive with the agenda having ‘something’ for everyone, this was to be expected and reflects the diverse audience.   Comments have all been recorded and those directly for Alliance action will be directed to the appropriate forum. All comments related to the venue and organisation will be used in the planning of future events.

The use of sli.do was a first for us and produced an activity that we hope was enjoyed by participant, 80 questions were received with nearly 600 Likes. It was impossible to answer all questions with the most popular being addressed. The National Team will provide answers to questions specifically for them, these will be added to this webpage. Comments and evaluation of the Workshops can be found on the dedicated pages.

A selection of comments received


  • We should never stop focussing on how it feels for the patients. Their lived experience is a valuable resource.
  • Always brilliant to get the perspective from people affected by cancer given the comments about coordinated “softer” support. I’d be interested to see how the alliance assists this in the future.
  • Hearing patient journey highlights the issues they have undergone.  It is important to hear as nurses we can learn from these to help other patients
  • No Cumbria data so of limited relevance although some conclusions could be drawn from national data.
  • A most interesting statistical presentation.
  • Important to know about new advanced radiotherapy services.
  • A bit technical.
  • All new information to me.
  • Highlighted the importance of end user collaboration.
  • This focuses muds on the potential of REAL partnership.
  • Interested in how the wider taskforce works and how cancer Alliances fit into it.
  • Too much jargon.
  • Excellent – Engaging – very passionate speaker ‘very patient focused’ very knowledgeable to region’s needs.
  • Impassioned from a clinician on the ground.
  • Refreshingly honest! Lovely to hear someone so straight talking and very patient focused.
  • Sli.do excellent.
  • Excellent – we can all learn from this – information is power.
  • Amusing and informative from a mental health perspective. Not enough time for questions from audience.
  • Really informative, she has so much knowledge and can communicate so well. Could have listened for twice the length of the presentation.
  • A lot of good info in a very short time.
  • Enjoyed event which was well structured and very informative with presenter who had a wealth of information and expertise, which was well shared.