Cancer Alliance

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The Northern Cancer Alliance

The Northern Cancer Alliance is a collaborative through which health, social care and third sector stakeholders can work together to develop and deliver new models of care to achieve our collective ambition to deliver the ambitions identified by the Cancer Taskforce.

In 2015 an Independent Cancer Taskforce Strategy set out an ambitious vision for improving services, care and outcomes for everyone with cancer: fewer people getting cancer, more people surviving cancer, more people having a good experience of their treatment and care, whoever they are and wherever they live, and more people being supported. Cancer Alliances are being set up across England and are considered as key to drive the change needed across the country to achieve the Taskforce’s vision.

The Northern Cancer Alliance covers the North East and North Cumbria geography and is aligned to three Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) footprints.

Our goal as an Alliance is to increase cancer survival rates across this region, ensuring that we address inequalities, reducing inequality and improving patient experience wherever possible. The Northern Cancer Alliance views patients and carers as equal partners in the design and delivery of their care and the vision is founded on the principle of putting the patient at the heart of the redesign of cancer services in every aspect of the cancer journey.

The Northern Cancer Alliance has strong clinical leadership and credibility by adopting a tripartite leadership approach.


Mr Andrew Welch, Medical Director, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Clinical Lead:

Dr Tony Branson, Clinical Oncologist

Cancer Alliance Manager:

Mrs Alison Featherstone, RGN



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