End of Life Care

Four overarching themes have been identified to improve end of life care. These are:

  • To engage wider society through a public health approach.
  • To make best practice consistent across the region.
  • To develop staff to deliver high quality evidence-based practice.
  • To ensure planning, commissioning and delivery of care is better integrated to deliver seamless care.


  • Identify resources to support individuals at end of life.
  • Effective use of palliative care registers in supporting personalised care planning.
  • Develop access to 24/7 support for those with end of life needs, ensuring that patient choice and wishes are respected.

Access the Supportive, Palliative and End of Life Care Group resources page

Access to Public Health England’s National End of Life Care Intelligence Network to support the NHS, Local Authorities, health services and other interested stakeholders to monitor comparative information on factors that describe population trends associated with the end of life.

Regional Guidance

NECN Palliative and End of Life Care Guidelines 2016

Fourth edition, updated for 2016. The guidelines have been written for any clinician responsible for the management and treatment of patients with palliative and end of life care needs, regardless of diagnosis. Select the ‘Booklet’ print option to compile as an A5 booklet for easy reference.

NECN Palliative and End of Life Care Guidelines 2016

Care for the Dying Patient

The “Care for the Dying Patient” document takes into account the issues raised within the Neuberger report and the recommendations in “One Chance to Get it Right”, published in June 2014, which sets out the priorities for care when a person is dying.

It is imperative for good end of life care to have sufficient training in place for teams to manage patients well and to hold sensitive conversations with dying patients and their relatives.  This document will help to support that process but forms only a small part of good end of life care.

The Care for the Dying Patient Documentation

1 Title Page Contact Information – 2015

1 Title Page Contact Information – 2015 – Word Document available for adjusting to local needs

2 Medical Assessment – 2015

3 Nursing Assessment – 2015

4 Daily Reassessment – 2015

4 Daily Reassessment – 2015 – Word Document available for adjusting to local needs


Care for the dying patient guidance-May 2015 – N.B. this form may be used as a A4 double sided or A5 folded document and may be adjusted for local use.

Additional Supportive Resources – Care for the Dying Patient

24 hr communication record_ patient/carer

Agitation Core Care Plan

Care after Death

Care Plan Accountability for the Dying Patient

Care Plan_Community Nursing

Communication Core Care Plan

Dyspnoea Core Care Plan

End of Life Core Nursing Care Plan

Grieving Booklet – information leaflet

NESCN Palliative Care Guidelines Guidance Sheets (v2June15)

NV Core Care Plan

Pain Core Care Plan

Respiratory Tract Secretions Core Care Plan

Spirituality Core Care Plan

Verification of Expected Death

When Someone is Dying Leaflet – information leaflet


Useful Documents

Deciding Right network project report January 2018 FINAL

Diabetes UK End of Life Care (March 2018)

NICE Quality Standard Care of Dying Adults in the last days of life Quality Standard (QS144).  Published date: March 2017

NICE Quality Standard End of Life Care for Adults Quality Standard (QS13).  Published date: November 2011

Operational policy for deactivation/reactivation of implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)

Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care: A national framework for local action 2015 – 2020

Treatment And Care Towards The End Of Life – GMC good practice guidance

Heart 2016 – Deactivation of Devices

End Of Life Care In Advanced Kidney Disease

End of Life Care Strategy 2008 DH