Clinical Networks Launches 2015/16 Annual Report

The Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks is delighted to launch our Annual Report for 2015/16.

The past year was one of uncertainty for Clinical Networks and Senates across England, and indeed locally. It is, therefore, a great testament to the hard work and commitment of the support team, and the wider Networks as a whole, that so much has been achieved against a backdrop of significant change.

The detailed achievements of each Network are set out in the main sections of the report and the report concludes by looking to the future, as the Networks transition into working towards newly-defined priorities with reduced funding. Each Network has set out clearly defined workplans for 2016/17 which will support the development of lasting local solutions to address these national priorities.

We hope you will find this Annual Report interesting, helpful and informative.
Many thanks for your continued support.

Roy McLachlan

Associate Director, NESCN

Download the report: